The background

The latest device is built upon an eighteen year relationship and is the Ellipta inhaler. Warwick Design looked at new ways of delivering two active pharmaceutical ingredients simultaneously. We produced a number of proof of principle working models that offered fantastic levels of control.

The project

Building on the success of Diskus Warwick Design re-engineered the layout and mechanisms to create a very compact device. The device was conceived for straightforward open-inhale-close operation with a large character decrementing dose counter to provide the user with a clear indication of the remaining treatments.

Warwick Design has carried out extensive design, R&D and industrialisation developing a high level of confidence, ease of communication with an understanding of the partner’s rigorous requirements. It was designed to work consistently and reliably over a much wider dimensional tolerance band for the components than will ever be seen. The design therefore is extremely robust in use and the device has considerable manufacturing resilience.

Warwick Design contributed to the IP in the inhaler and was responsible for the the major portion of the design and detailing. Prototype steel tooling was manufactured from early development data enabling evaluation of the device’s performance and potential production requirements from first-off sample mouldings. The refinement continued leading to Warwick Design providing component data for the clinical trial mouldings, industrialisation and scaleup stages. This was a highly collaborative project with weekly meetings attended by all partners involved.

The outcome

A robust device, simple to use, reliable and easy to assemble by the million

Diskus and Ellipta are the registered marks of GSK