Warwick Design

About Us

Warwick Design helps businesses to grow with innovative new products

Firstly we ensure you meet the industrial designers who are going to work on your project. We build enduring relationships with our partners and, as a good proportion of our work is for the existing clients, we consider every new partner the beginning of a lasting alliance.

Mutual trust and knowledge of working methods with our product design consultancy continue to be built over five, or even twenty-five years which brings highly effective communication and time and cost efficient projects.

We believe you too will find working with our designers a positive experience.

2020, 2021 & The Future

Covid 19

During the pandemic our clients continued to require the industrial design and development of new products, this kept us very busy working full time.

Warwick Design is fortunate to have large premises so that physical distancing between our staff is easy to maintain in the studio, laboratory and workshop. Client meetings have gone online for the time being.  Unfortunately this means we have never met some of our new clients in person but we look forward to shaking hands next year. Thank goodness for Teams, WhatsApp and Skype! And now the rollout of effective vaccines is helping us to return us to normal working patterns.

What's Going On


Developments in three forms of drug delivery are currently being carried out for various clients, both for consumer and clinician use including life critical parma delivery.

In addition, waste water management products, commercial food processing, train models, organ transplant hardware, offshore safety equipment and fire safety products are keeping us busy throughout this year and into next.

We continue to help clients establish clear objectives and devise strategies to achieve them providing hands-on guidance through every facet of innovation management.

Over the last twelve months this British design consultancy has worked with a number of UK, US, Swiss  and Brazilian clients. New projects have commenced with a new-to-us US corporation, with many preliminary discussions from new clients in the UK, India and Africa.

Our future is looking strong, find out how we can help yours too.

  • Studios
  • Workshop
  • Laboratory
  • Clean room and fume extraction
  • Meeting Areas
  • Project Analysis and Brief Creation
  • Concepts
  • Design
  • Testing
  • Modelmaking and Prototyping
  • Part and Assembly drawings
  • 1800m3 building - enough capacity for your project