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Medical Products

By tailoring our solutions to address individual company needs and their priorities, we help our clients produce tangible results – from strategy through to your medical product or device launch. Through our network of resources and key technology partners, our services address the broad range of issues facing our clients in today’s ever-changing regulatory and technology-driven environment.

Warwick’s medical product and device design and commercialisation services enable you to bring your product to market quickly and efficiently.

We have been providing medical product design consulting services to the lifesciences Industry for twenty-five years. Our development offerings draw upon our broad capabilities in the following areas: early day concept investigations, technical development, user engineering, technology strategy, commercialisation, and monitoring and improvement.

We can drive the design with innovative concept prototypes to demonstrate clinical potential, detail the concept for a manufacture, transfer the design to production of the full medical product or device – on time and within budget.

At this industrial design consultants we undertake proof of principle models, development of patient compliance devices and technical and engineering design. We design for manufacturability, and follow it up with design verification and process validation then transfer to production.

Design and development is seen through handling and human factors engineering, tolerancing, metrology to industrialisation and scale-up working closely with toolmakers, moulders and assemblers.

In our laboratory we have Class 10 clean assembly areas and fume cabinets for using active or hazardous material in developments and test.

To support the products we design we also design and manufacture laboratory and production line test, evaluation and assembly machines and devices.

Products developed at Warwick Design

Specialist lift bathing

Home Dialysis

Manufacturing self injector test machines

Drug lock boxes

Ophthalmic surgery

Theatre equipment appearance

Dermatological incision

Automated reconstitution device

Hyperbaric chamber breathing equipment


Inhaler training devices

Demonstration machines

Physiotherapy devices

Healthcare hygiene tracking

Artificial organ growth support devices

Novel tablet and capsule dispensing consumer packaging

Image Scatter

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Complex inhaler demonstrator
Drug Delivery Device Early Stage Analysis
Shielded - Needle Safe Syringe
Microbial growth test rig
Medical Gas balancing manifold
Smart Inhaler
Smart Inhaler
Skin biopsy punch
Gas Therapy Mask
Lock Box for restricted drugs delivery
Child Resistant Bottle Cap Tester
Micro Mechanism development
Capsularhexis Surgical instrument Assembled
Capsularhexis Surgical instrument packaging
Capsularhexis Surgical instrument explode view
Capsule-stretch-tester capsularhexis surgery
Home Dialysis Machine
Aductor muscle stretching physiotherapy device
Aductor muscle stretching physiotherapy device trial models
Early Instruction Manual Image
Electronic - connected PMDI
Technology research
Medical Device Semi Automatic Assembly Machine Manual
Self-injector-testers for two types of device
  • Experimental development
  • Class 10, ISO 4, assembly
  • Generic Devices
  • Combination Devices
  • Platform devices and technology developments
  • Test, process and assembly machines
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Rapid problem solving for devices in production
  • User Engineering
  • Compliance
  • Process drift

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