Intranasal Delivery


The Relationship with our Client

Warwick Design Consultants Ltd is involved with the strategic design and development of medical and pharmaceutical delivery devices. We provide high quality design and manufacturing data and pride ourselves on delivering production ready information from which the tools are cut without modification.

Warwick Design has worked with GSK since 1991, undertaking extensive experimental, design and development work on more than fifty projects. For the last twenty years we have had direct responsibility for the design of devices to production.

Our product design consultancy has carried out a very wide variety of tasks; entire combination drug delivery devices such as Veramyst / Avamys and platform device Ellipta, the design and build of a suite of production line test equipment for self injectors, laboratory investigations and assembly machines.

Warwick Design is relied upon to create and develop complex devices and to provide a continuous stream of ideas and data to GSK’s team. Running robust and highly effective systems of data management, we are able to maintain comprehensive traceability of all project data, essential for the multiple, critical components brought about by the involvement of different parties. All drawings are detailed for metrology.

The Product

Warwick Design Consultants designed Veramyst intranasal device for GlaxoSmithKline receiving FDA approval, first pass.

The device provides an attractive and easy to use delivery system. Warwick Design developed the Veramyst from a blank sheet of paper and its apparent simplicity has been achieved by the intelligent design of its components. This includes design for moulding and assembly that ensures the reliable manufacture of tens of millions of this world class delivery device.

Working with GSK’s World-Wide Device Technology Group and manufacturers Tech Group Ireland with a single-minded team approach, Warwick Design’s know-how and high quality data ensured delivery of the project in previously unmatched timescales bringing on-stream revenues twelve months ahead of like developments.

The Veramyst delivery device is a unique, ergonomically designed device that was developed by our product designers to address patient concerns. Veramyst has a side-actuated “mist release” button that, when pressed, delivers the same amount of medicine every time – an important feature for patients who want to know they are getting a consistent, prescribed, dose. The device delivers a gentle, scent-free mist with a low volume of spray.

The combination of a very effective medication and a reliable, easily used device has created an attractive “billion dollar” product.

We have worked consistently with GSK over many years and has become the leading design consultant to the World-wide Device Technology Group. Our sound approach to product development has enabled devices to been taken from concept through development to production in previously unmatched timescales.

Veramyst is a winner in the 2008 Medical Design Excellence Awards . The device also was awarded Highly Commended for the Prix Galien 2009. The Prix Galien USA is the pharmaceutical industry’s premier award and recognises pharmaceutical innovation and the health benefits it produces.

The ability to deliver not only world class pharmaceutical delivery devices but also to provide supporting equipment for the early stages of test and assembly make Warwick Design a trusted member of our Device Development Team whom we will continue to use for major developments.” Mike Davies, Principal Design Engineer, GSK, Ware, UK.

The names Veramyst, Avamys and Ellipta are names the property of GSK



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Veramyst / Avamys nasal inhaler
Veramyst / Avamys nasal inhaler
Veramyst / Avamys nasal inhaler
Veramyst / Avamys nasal inhaler assembly machine
Allermist / Veramyst / Avamys nasal inhaler
Veramyst / Avamys intranasal assembly machine
Veramyst / Avamys nasal inhaler Medical Design Excellence Award
Veramyst / Avamys nasal inhaler laboratory assembly
Veramyst / Avamys nasal inhaler
Veramyst / Avamys nasal inhaler
Veramyst / Avamys nasal inhaler assembly machine
Veramyst / Avamys nasal inhaler
Veramyst / Avamys nasal inhaler
  • Concept generation
  • Evaluation rig manufacture
  • Product styling
  • Functional testing
  • User engineering
  • Moulding design
  • Design for assembly
  • Assembly equipment
  • Direct liason with toolmakers and moulders
  • Compliance devices
  • New drug delivery technology development
  • Component development
  • Tooling ready data
  • Total delivery device design
  • Tolerance studies
  • Technical file creation
  • Cleanroom assembly (Class 10, ISO 4)