EBAC Water Coolers and Dehumidifiers

The Background

It intended to diversify into new products that would build on its manufacturing knowledge of compressor driven refrigeration systems.

The Project

It was identified that the market for water coolers was underdeveloped.Research showed that the sheet metal box coolers of the time used systems that had been virtually unchanged for fifty years, despite numerous inherent problems. The challenge lay in launching a brand new model that would compete with established overseas players and ultimately stand head and shoulders above them.

The Outcome

Warwick Design met the challenge with innovation and contemporary design.The problems of on-site sterilisation were surmounted through the creation of a unique disposable water system.

This enabled Ebac to have a true USP upon which it could storm the market and provide an ongoing income stream. Warwick Design created the world’s first injection moulded water cooler, with a quality of appearance suitable for modern office and home environments.

Since this initial project, this industrial design consultancy has continued to work with Ebac for a further twelve years, rolling out a continuous programme of technological innovation and new product development including Eddy the domestic watercooler.

“Our high level of confidence in Warwick Design was reinforced by their excellent performance during a challenging and fast paced project.”

Director, Ebac Ltd. UK

  • Innovation
  • Batch production
  • Appearance design
  • Product testing
  • Tooling supervision
  • Fast development cycles
  • Food safe materials knowledge