Case Study - Ellipta Dry Powder Inhaler

Following our work that created the Veramyst intranasal device we were then asked to develop the Ellipta twin strip inhaler. 

This complex highly reliable device represents eight years of development. during which we undertook:

  layout concept



  IP generation

  detail design 

  component design

  design for scale up


Warwick Design is involved in usability trials, various FMEAs etc.

We supply data directly to toolmakers and have very good relationships with high quality suppliers like Männer, Schotlii, Avenue Mould & Tool

Warwick Design created IP in the inhaler and was responsible for layout, design and detailing. Prototype steel tooling was manufactured from our early development data enabling evaluation of the device’s performance and potential production requirements from first-off sample mouldings.

The refinement continued leading to Warwick Design providing component data for the clinical trial mouldings, industrialisation and scaleup stages. This was a highly collaborative project with weekly meetings attended by all partners including Tech Group, Männer, Rexam and GSK’s own teams.

Warwick Design also supported this device with assembly rigs that ensure pre-production quantities are put together correctly allowing the function of clips and welds to be assessed.

Specialised test and assembly equipment can be provided for some of the manufacturing operations. By Warwick Design providing these supplementary services in-house the client has benefitted from a quicker turnaround, with reduced knowledge transfer issues and number of external suppliers kept to a minimum.

Warwick Design also supported our client with strip making machines for laboratory scale strip manufacture.

Ellipta is the property of GSK