What new clients ask

Can Warwick Design Help Me With My Project?

Warwick Design undertakes a whole range of different developments. Some are very technical, some are aesthetic but most are a mixture of the two. It is very likely we have carried out developments in your field or technology, or at least, the experience we have, from thirty years of detail design, will be pertinent to your project.

What Areas of Development Do You Have Experience In?

We work in Healthcare, Science, Food Processing, Water Management, Power Tools, Pharmaceutical Delivery, Leisure Equipment, Communications, Consumer, Vending, Transport, Test Equipment, Shop-fittings, Renewables Technology, Offshore Energy. This list is by no means exhaustive and we have experience in many, many more fields. Just ask us to know more.

What Facilities Does Warwick Design Have?

In our 1000m2 offices we have large studio spaces where we use Creo and Solidworks CAD software, CGI software etc. Warwick Design has an electrical/electronics assembly area. Small cleanroom (Class 10000) for zero particulate assembly. We have rapid prototyping for immediate evaluation of ideas.
Our large workshop has CNC, general engineering machines, spray booth and assembly areas.

How Will Warwick Design Manage My Project?

We agree on the brief. You may supply one or we jointly create one from our discussions.
Warwick Design then creates a programme of work outlining the anticipated stages required to get to the end point agreed.

First stages are feasibility studies or concept generation. We provide a cost for the first stage and often estimates for subsequent stages as the direction for these later stages of design and development can vary widely in consequence of the findings in the first stage.

Each stage is quoted for and agreed before we start.

Is My Project Treated Confidentially and Is My Data Safe?

It is normal for Warwick Design to have some form of NDA in place before the first meeting or discussion takes place.  (Please click here if you would like to see and download our example NDA).

The IP for concepts generated during the project become the property of the client as soon as that stage is paid for.

Our computer network with our client’s data on is never connected to the internet.

We have continuous, hourly, daily and weekly rotating backups with copies stored in our fire safe and offsite.

Data can be sent to you password protected upon request.

What are the Deliverables?

These vary considerably depending on the needs of the client.
They could be just concept ideas that your own team might develop.
They might be working models, bench rigs or fully painted and labeled models (full size or to scale).
They might be a final set of production ready data in the form of CAD models, detailed drawings and Bill of Materials.

The choice the client’s and we are happy to provide as much or as little support as needed.

How Can I Find Out More?

Pick up the phone and dial +44 (0) 1789 490 591 or email for a confidential and friendly conversation.