Capsularhexis Device


The task of removing cataracts and replacing them with artificial lenses is one of the most common operations carried out world wide. Nevertheless, it requires a very high level of skill from the surgeon to make the opening (capsularhexis) in the anterior capsule that holds the lens. This is particularly difficult in paediatric patients.

A top UK eye surgeon at a leading teaching hospital had an idea for a device to reduce the failure rate of this procedure. The NHS Innovation East Midlands approached Warwick Design with the challenge of turning the germ of an idea into a practical tool.

Initial concepts were developed employing micro manufacturing techniques in nickel titanium superelastic alloy. Warwick Design used porcine eyes to develop the device to working model with moulded components to provide the necessary precision and miniature detail.

The potential for this device was recognised by the Wellcome Trust who provided extensive funding after a very competitive evaluation process.

Warwick Design’s long experience in developing high tech products will be put to good use in resolving the many challenges that lie ahead and turn an idea into a market leading product.