Inhaler Development

Warwick Design, where very high quality skill-sets reside, provides expertise to massive corporations demonstrating the importance of SMEs to the UK economy.

Similarly, confidence in suppliers is important to a partner like GSK embarking on a device that is a critical component in a multimillion-pound investment to get a new treatment to market.

Warwick Design provides CAD data directly to the toolmakers. We include all moulding details to ensure that the tooling cavities and the resulting mouldings are fully represented by the original, controlled, CAD data.

To achieve consistent pharmaceutical performance and patient compliance the device is complex. That it is therefore tough to copy is commercially advantageous long term as when patents lapse generic manufacturers are less likely to take some of the market share. (As can be seen in the absence to date of generics in the Diskus market)

This development is straight down the line of one of our key markets and utilises our medical device skills based on two decades of experience,” says Warwick Design’s Managing Director, Robert Tansley. “Close collaboration from an early stage ensures we can optimise the design while the costs are still low, before committing to more complex data and investments in tooling and production.

“The combination of two discrete ingredients in one device that is no bigger than the Diskus has been achieved by the intelligent design of the internal components in concert with extensive testing and development. Developing long-term trust based relationships are key to the ongoing success of Warwick Design.

Warwick Design also supports device development with assembly rigs and automatic machines that ensure pre-production quantities are put together correctly allowing the function of clips and welds to be assessed. Specialised test and assembly equipment is provided for some of the manufacturing operations. By Warwick Design providing these supplementary services in-house the partner has benefited from a quicker turnaround, with reduced knowledge transfer issues and number of external suppliers kept to a minimum.”